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:: MMDK ::  Welcome to Mansha Mohsin Dossani & Co. (Chartered Accountants), Providing Services All over the World.


              Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of Pakistan      


         Institute Of Chartered Accountantas (England & Wales)



                                  A merger of independent firms established Mansha Mohsin Dossani Khan & Co., Chartered Accountants. Our team is fully devoted, professional and highly motivated. Our professional team consists of personnel with good education and extensive experience in Pakistan and other countries. Some of our team's members' individual experience in their field of expertise spans well over two decades.

Our Mission is to assist clients in achieving their goals by providing focused, practical and effective solutions for their business, through knowledge and training, with emphasis on professionalism.

Our Goal is to help each client rise to the point of financial success where they can take care of their employees, vendors, and customers so that each benefits from the interaction.

Our Values rest in the belief that optimism is the key to looking at all challenges. If tomorrow has the chance of being better than today, then an organization should work toward tomorrow's good and learn from today's failure.

The Key we use is to watch the total interaction of an entire organization, focusing on people's talents, to cause an organization to function efficiently and at its highest industry potential. Our objective perspective allows organizations to rise to the cutting-edge of their industry.

Whilst providing services, our teams combine technical expertise, professionalism, reliability and efficiency.

We are also one of the 34 firms in Pakistan listed on the State Bank of Pakistan's Panel of Auditors.


Muhammad Mansha
Mohsin Nadeem
Afzal H. Dossani
Khan Muhammad
Masoom Akhtar
Ahmad Umar Galaria
Aamir Younas

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